Early Access


Send & Accept $DESO anywhere

How it Works

Accept $DESO with a simple link!

To accept $DESO anywhere on the web, just use this link, and replace USERNAME with your username (or public key):

(Click to try it with my (@thorsten) account)
Create Your Link

Ask for a specific amount $DESO

To preset the amount $DESO to receive, just append it to the URL:

(Click to try it with my (@thorsten) account)

To ask for a specific amount $USD, just append USD to the amount

(Click to try it with my (@thorsten) account)

Note that users still can change the preset amount.
If you want to prevent this, just append a ! after the amount, e.g. .../0.5! or .../3USD!.

Users can add a note when sending you $DESO. To preset a note, append &note=My+note as an URL parameter:

(Click to try it with my (@thorsten) account)

You can add custom fields, to identify a transaction on your side.

For each such field, just append &cusom_key=value as URL parameters, replacing key and value respectively.

We will list those custom fields in the payment notification we send you.

(Click to try it with my (@thorsten) account)

Early Access Warning!

Be prepared that the link format might change during the BETA phase.

There is a low 1% service fee